How to update config.plist according to config-sample.plist of new Clover (after OC integration)./シンClover(OC統合後)のconfig-sample.plistに従った、config.plistの更新方法。



First, here’s a link on how to move from the old Clover to the new Clover.
How to migrate from an old Clover without OpenCore integration to the latest Clover (Provisional memo)

 Basically, the difference from OpenCore is that since OpenCore itself is newly created, the number of setting items increases when upgrading, and a warning appears (or does not work) when viewed from the version, whereas Clover Except for the OC part settings (Quirks), the old setting items have priority. (No warnings will be issued and it will not stop working)
Since the stance is different, the handling of bugs is different.
 In Clover, if it stops working due to version upgrade, it will be taken up as a problem in the general thread.
 On the other hand, OpenCore requires you to set the items at the time of version upgrade by yourself, so if it stops working due to version upgrade, it will not be taken up by the general thread (you will be warned by the local moderator. ). After setting it yourself according to the new settings, if it doesn’t work further, you can post to the bug track on Git-Hub instead of the thread.
This seems to be true even during the sample plist migration.
In OpenCore, the setting items increased by the version upgrade are initially set on the safe side.
On the other hand, in the new Clover, it is the setting used in many cases, and in almost all cases, the default on the safe side was false.
 しかし、OpenCoreはバージョンアップで登場する新規項目が必須であるため、バージョンアップ時にOpenCore Configratorは使えません。(また、OpenCore ConfigratorはKextやamlなどの項目の自動設定をしてくれないので、ProperTreeが未だに良いとされています。)
 Cloverは、旧来の方法に対してはほとんど対応してきたことや、新規項目が必須でないため(なければスキップし自動的に安全側(false)になる)ため、Clover Configratorはほぼ問題なく使えるようです。
 Also, both have a Configrator, which is easy to understand visually.
 However, since OpenCore requires new items that appear in the version upgrade, OpenCore Configrator cannot be used at the time of version upgrade. (Also, OpenCore Configrator does not automatically set items such as Kext and aml, so ProperTree is still good.)
 It seems that Clover Configrator can be used almost without problems because Clover has almost supported the old method and new items are not required (if there is no new item, it will be skipped and automatically become safe (false)).
 Based on the above, I made changes to config-sample.plist in compared to the config.plist I used before.
(I7-8700,ASUS PRIME H370-A,RX-570)

The memo at the time of creation is as follows.

ACPI>DSDT>Debug >(bool)false
(Set default is >(bool)false,and if old config exists,set old boolean)
ACPI>FixMCFG >(bool)true
ACPI>HaltEnabler >(bool)true

RtVariables>MLB> (Board Serial Number)

●Graphics (Not touch)

Boot>Arguments>(string) dart=0 keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 -v (exist old one)
Boot>DefaultVolume>(String) 29B0AC19-99D2-4E54-A88A-C586FEE27B96 (Disk-UUID) (exist old one)
Boot>Timeout>(Integer) 10 (exist old one)
Boot>NeverHibernate >(bool)false
Boot>RtcHibernateAware >(bool)false
Boot>StrictHibernate >(bool)false
Boot>SignatureFixup >(bool)false
Boot>SkipHibernateTimeout >(bool)false
Boot>NeverDoRecovery >(bool)true
Boot>DisableCloverHotkeys >(bool)false
Boot>Fast >(bool)false
Boot>NoEarlyProgress >(bool)false
Boot>XMPDetection>(string) Yes (exist old one)
Boot>Legacy>(string) PBR (exist old one)
Boot>CustomLogo >(bool)false
Boot>Debug >(bool)false (exist old one)

KernalAndKextPatches>KernelLapic >(bool)false (exist old one)
KernalAndKextPatches>KernelToPatch>>(Items are copy and paste)
KernalAndKextPatches>KernelPm >(bool)true (exist old one)
KernalAndKextPatches>AppleRTC >(bool)true (exist old one)
KernalAndKextPatches>EightApple >(bool)true
KernalAndKextPatches>KernelXCPM >(bool)true
KernalAndKextPatches>PanicNoKextDump >(bool)true
KernalAndKextPatches>DellSMBIOSPatch >(bool)false
KernalAndKextPatches>Debug >(bool)false
KernalAndKextPatches>AppleIntelCPUPM >(bool)true (exist old one)

Devices>Properties (copy and paste)
Devices>LANInjection >(bool)false
Devices>HDMIInjection >(bool)false
Devices>UseIntelHDMI >(bool)false
Devices>FakeID (not touch)
Devices>USB>Inject >(bool)false
Devices>USB>FixOwnership >(bool)true
Devices>USB>HighCurrent >(bool)false
Devices>USB>AddClockID >(bool)false

GUI>ProvideConsoleGop >(bool)true
GUI>Mouse>Millor >(bool)false
GUI>Mouse>Speed>(integer)8 (exist old one)
GUI>Mouse>Enabled >(bool)true (exist old one)
GUI>Hide (copy and paste)
GUI>Scan>Legacy >(bool)false (exist old one)
GUI>Scan>Entries >(bool)true (exist old one)
GUI>Scan>Tool >(bool)true (exist old one)
GUI>ShowOptimus >(bool)false
GUI>ScreenResolution>(string)1920x1200 (exist old one) 
GUI>Theme>(string)Mojave (exist old one) 
GUI>PlayAsync >(bool)true (exist old one)

●BootGraphics(not touch)

● #DisableDrivers(not touch)

(Set item,if item exist in old config-SMBIOS)

●SystemParameters(not touch)

Quirks>MmioWhitelist(not touch)
※Quirks>ProvideConsoleGopEnable was setted ag GUI section


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