How to migrate from an old Clover without OpenCore integration to the latest Clover (Provisional memo)


1. Preparation and knowledge
First, you need config.plist for the old Clover.
If you want to make it from the beginning, please refer to the following.

hackintosh vanilla desktop guide

Please master how to write XML and how to use an XML editor as knowledge.
The recommended XML editor is PlistEDPlus.
You can download it from the following page.

Releases · ic005k/PlistEDPlus
plist editor. Contribute to ic005k/PlistEDPlus development by creating an account on GitHub.

2. The biggest change
There are two major changes.

(1) Quirks items have been added to config.plist due to integration with OpenCore.
The settings for the Boot and Kernel equivalents of OpenCore (excluding the part that overlaps with Clover) are included in Quirks.

(2) The memory driver is now OCQuriks only, and the memory-related efi is only OpenRuntime.efi.
Do not install other past memory drivers. (AptioMemoryFix.efi etc. should not be placed in the UEFI folder)

3. Efficient changes from sample EFI
It is troublesome to make from the beginning, so I prepared a sample EFI.
The sample is for Coffee Lake.

USBPorts.kext has been adjusted so that 15 of the USBs on the motherboard are recognized.

I recommend creating USBPorts.kext as shown below.
Put USBInjectAll.kext in the Kext folder and use USB Port limit Patch etc. to recognize all the ports once. You can use HackinTool to create USBPorts.kext for your motherboard.

Below is an overview of creating USBPorts.kext. (Search the web for more information)
(1) Use the “USB Port limit Patch” to make the OS recognize all USB ports first.
(2) Press the USB tab of Hackintool.
(3) Press “Clear All” on the bottom button, and then press “Refresh”.
The USB ports that the OS allows to use now appear in the display part of the list.
You should be able to see all the USB ports. If not, the “USB Port limit Patch” is not working properly and you should fix it.
(4) Please prepare a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 USB memory stick.
Plug them into the USB ports you want to use one by one (once plugged in, wait about 10 seconds)
Also, for a USB port that can use both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, insert both USB memory sticks.
(5) In the USB port list part of Hackintool, the USB port where the USB memory stick was stabbed in (3) has turned green.
(6) The part that does not turn green (white part) is the unused USB port.
Select it and press the Delete button below to delete it.
(7) Make sure that there are 15 or less USB ports left.
Finally, if you press the Export button below, you will have USBPorts.kext on your desktop, so use this instead of USBInjectAll.kext.

As an example, the USB Port limit Patch for Catalina is included in the KextsToPatch of KernelAndKextPatches in the sample config.plist, so you can copy and paste it with an XML editor to patch it.

4. aml file to put in ACPI
I think you already have SSDT or DSDT in your environment.
Basically follow Dortania’s guide.

You don’t need FSInject.efi already.
Be sure to delete efi such as MemoryFix.
Possible efi required are ApfsDriverLoader.efi, VBoxHfs.efi, and OpenRuntime.efi.
These can be installed (updated) from Clover’s pkg, so select them when you run pkg and can install later.
You can also refer to this.

6. Copy and paste Quirks from sample
The Quirks in the sample config.plist is from Clover5127.
First, let’s copy and paste with an XML editor.
These items are the Booter and Kernel parts of OpenCore, so please refer to Dortania.
You can also get the setting information from iCanaro’s summary.

Clover Quirks Plist Setting
Come iniziare a muoversi con i Quirks inclusi in Clover Per stare al passo con i tempi, gli sviluppatori di Clover hanno deciso di incorporare alcune funzioni d...

The commented out part of Quirks that starts with # is also because Clover has a setting that can do the same.
The relationship is as follows:

OpenCore             Clover
AppleCpuPmCfgLock    AppleIntelCPUPM 
AppleXcpmCfgLock     KernelPm 
DisableRtcChecksum   AppleRTC 
LapicKernelPanic     KernelLapic 

The information in the above table was referenced from the following web page. I think other things will be helpful, so it’s a good idea to refer to them.
macOS Big Sur with Clover

7. Install with Clover’s pkg
At least write a check mark in ApfsDriverLoader.efi, VBoxHfs.efi, and OpenRuntime.efi.

8.Other changes in config.plist
In most cases, you should be able to boot by adding Quirks with the appropriate values.

In addition, due to the OpenCore integration, some items in the previous Config.plist are no longer used.
In the sample Config.plst, the items that are ignored in the old Clover part are intentionally left in the form of commenting out with “#”.
So compare it with your config.plst.

For example, the layout-id specification in Devices-Audio-Inject is still valid.
However, I recommend using Devices-Properties-PciRoot (0x0) / Pci (0x1f, 0x3) -layout-id. (Ioreg names such as PciRoot (0x0) / Pci (0x1f, 0x3) can be confirmed from the PCIe tab of Hackintool.)

9. Known facts
BigSur boots from “via preboot”. (If you want to display only “via preboot” on the display, please specify the HDD name where Big Sur is installed with GUI-Hide)

I see the Recovery entry for Big Sur, but it doesn’t start on Clover 5127.
(If you want to use Time Machine, we suggest using Installer USB Stick)

The content specified for “Name” in the “Kext To Patch” item has been changed. See below for details.
How to migrate from an old Clover to the latest Clover (Provisional memo,kext to patch) 2


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