Monterey Beta7(21A5522h) Fix Full Installer フルインストーラーの直し方


Let’s make it from InstallAssistant.pkg.
(Download from Mr.Mackintosh etc.)

Move InstallAssistant.pkg to Desktop
Please double click and create Install…app (broken) on /Application

% cd ~/Desktop
% xar -xf InstallAssistant.pkg SharedSupport.dmg
% sudo mkdir /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Monterey\
% sudo cp ~/Desktop/SharedSupport.dmg /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Monterey\

Usual Install method is ablerable.

% sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Monterey\ --nointeraction --downloadassets --volume /Volumes/USB% sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Monterey\ --nointeraction --downloadassets --volume /Volumes/USB (USB Stick named "USB")

Thank you

I found that this method didn’t work.
Follow the Chris 1111 method below.

[pre-release] macOS Monterey


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