There is a fundamental difference between Clover and OpenCore approach.



On 11/18/2021 at 10:46 AM, MifJpnAlphaPlus said:

Hello developer
There is something I don’t understand.
Both OpenCore and Clover have this NVRAM item while running macOS.
In OpenCore, this is thought to be erased when macOS is finished.
However, if Clover does not have T2 settings, this NVRAM item will not appear.
It is strange that what remains in NVRAM even though macOS is not running is not ”Secure” (can something bad happen if macOS is not running?).

 In terms of design philosophy, is the idea to try to guarantee that NV-RAM is morally clean, regardless of what conditions may or may not occur?
I apologize if I didn’t say it well.
Please tell me.

I was wondering and I hope someone responds to your interesting post and the previous one about NVRAM, but maybe your assumption is embarrassing but right anyway or they don’t have time for us. I read your question about NVRAM on the Clover thread and you obviously got an answer. 😉
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 そうしたら、賛辞がOpenCore側に・・・いわゆるOpenCoreは現代の家族みたいなものですが、Cloverファミリーは未だにアクティブで魅力的です。(うーんあの皮肉屋のLocal Mod.のHerveも口を出さないところをみると、Vit9696さんの設計哲学は硬いんでしょうねぇ)
 I am a hacker who likes freedom, but I think freedom also goes back to basics. That is. I believe that true freedom is to voluntarily obey the laws of moral obligation (moral law), which every human being must obey at all times.

 This time, the moral law is the conscience of OpenCore, and I hope Clover is the same.
There is a fundamental difference between Clover and OpenCore approach. Clover will unlikely see any reason to change this. But we may reword the message eventually.



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