SecureBootMode can’t set Default in OpenCore with Clover OpenCoreでSecureBootModelがDefultに設定できない(Cloverとの共存で)


  I don’t know how it happened, but when I set up my iMac20,2 with OpenCore, it didn’t go to the menu screen.

01:201 00:038 OC: Failed to bootstrap SB values - Invalid Parameter

It stopped with an error like the one above.
 After resetting the NV-RAM, I can start OpenCore. However, once you start Clover after that, OpenCore will not work anymore.
 The NV-RAM variable in question is the one below, which both OpenCore and Clover have in NV-RAM when macOS starts.


Since it is there at startup, it will eventually be required by macOS.

 The strange thing here is that when OpenCore starts up, it checks for this variable and if it finds it, it says there is a security problem and stops.
 It was explained to me that there could be a variety of attacks that could cause security problems.
 However, if the OS is not running, the malware that attacks the OS will not be able to run.
 However, the designers of OpenCore erase this variable at the end of the OS because it becomes a problem while the OS is not running.
 This seems to be a design concept that they consider a moral issue.
 But that there are other ways to attack without running the OS, now I am asking them, but there is no answer.
 I guess Clover is being pragmatic, then. 「You can turn it off with OpenCore」is the answer.
  So, in fact, I was able to boot both by adding the following NV-RAM erase item on the OpenCore side.

NV-RAM → Delete 4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14:string:BridgeOSHardwareModel



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