For Monterey 12.1,BluetoolFixup,BrcmPachRam,BrcmFirmware,latest commit


BrcmPatchRam related kext is 2.6.0
It’s a release, but it doesn’t seem to have solved the beta 10 issue yet.
The latest commit is a nightly build, but I have prepared it, so I will put it below.

I will also write how to create a build environment.
The SDK is “acidanthera / MacKernel SDK”. It will be built by git clone on the BrcmPatchRAM directory.
After that, put the latest debug release of lilu.kext in the same directory. (Contents / Resoruce in lilu is required in the build)

If you are using BCM20702 for Bluetooth on some of the BCM94360 used by Fenvi etc., you may need Bluetoolfixup.kext (included in Zip) that can be downloaded here.


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